Oliver Harvey have made it their mission to produce the finest quality chef clothing and front of house aprons possible, using the best materials and British manufacturing. Based near Manchester, they build on the cities’ heritage of textile manufacturing to bring you products of unbeatable style and quality. 

Chef David has chosen to only wear his favourite brand of Oliver Harvey in the kitchen check out the links below! 


Cross Back Apron


Plain White Tee



At Hurricane Alpha they want their customers to be 100% happy with the products & service they receive, they aim to provide you with an excellent shopping experience, and client satisfaction is their number one priority . 

Even if you are not sure of what you want, check out their e-shop which has several ways to help you identify your needs.

Everything about Hurricane Alpha revolves around the commitment to help you have the experience.

having just recently launched and the aim is to build an excellent reputation for not only our beautiful knives but also our exceptional customer service. 

images (1).jpg


Because they're a little obsessed with delivering customer value and making those first steps to starting something new feel closer, more exciting and importantly, cost you less.

New endeavours need a Starter Kit and at Noah they've been developing a collection of curated boxes seriously packed with tried and tested, high quality items bundled together and delivered directly to your door, so the first steps are covered.

So when coming to work with us at culinary clones, get yourself over to the guys at Noah's box to get all you need to get started

Use Code: Clones - £10 off

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